An Open Letter to Chip Wilson of Lululemon

Great Letter


Free Hosting! Free Website! You CAN get started FREE!

As the saying goes, there is nothing free in this lifetime, and for the most part, I have found that to be true, until now!

I have actually been playing around with this for a while, before I spend time promoting something I wish I hadn’t.

This is actually pretty cool.  Free Website and Free hosting gives you the opportunity to create various websites, even if it’s to just get your personal site online and play around with it until you’re ready to get your domain and become permanent.

Check out this page for your Free Website!

I’ve tried so many of the “free” offers.  I realized I would eventually be required to buy my domain and hosting, but sometimes that $2.00 per month, you’re going to get what you pay for.  I, myself, would rather pay an extra dollar from a company that may not be so well known, but to compare with what I get……Well, there is none.  All are different, just depends on what your needs are!

Free Website:

Free Hosting:


p.s. Hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving!  And thanks again for taking time to read my posts.  I would rather pass on my opinion on what I truly believe in……:)

This Site Saved Me! For the Traveler!!!

This Site Saved Me! This is for the Traveler!!

Above all of the other sites! No joke. Just thought I’d pass this on as this helped me plan my trip, and any help these days, yes, it’s for me!! Passing along the great info!

Affiliate Marketing for the Beginner~You Can Earn Money Online!! Part 1

Full step by step guide on how you can get started with an internet marketing business…..I’ve been putting it together and it is way too long. Once I tweek it, I will be so happy to share what I’ve learned.

How to Start Earning $$ online

Affiliate Marketing For The Beginner ~You Can Earn Money Online!! Part 1





You CAN Make Money Online!  Here’s How:


First, let me say I am not an internet marketing guru, millionaire –None of that.  I will not show you a video of me climbing aboard my private plane, my huge house, etc. 

I’ve spent many years trying and failing.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a taste of what it is to make money online, made a few dollars here and there, but could not believe it could be this easy, or I overwhelmed myself thinking I had no idea what I was doing.  A few years back, I received a check from one of the affiliate programs I was promoting but I thought it was a fake, they just wanted my account number.  (Not a bad idea to be alert these days).  The check…

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Must Have for Affiliate Marketing! Worth Looking

Thank you again for taking your time to look at my posts.  As I get more comfortable, my wacky side comes out! 🙂

If you are already an affiliate marketer, this is most definately worth looking at!  There are several levels of membership, including FREE!

I always like to give customers something they can use.  I only go by what attracts me, and that is FREE info.  The cool thing is there are so many topics Plrebookclub gives, you have the opportunity to please just about anyone!

Worth looking at!  You can even start a new website daily on each topic.  How cool is that?

If you have any comments, please feel free to contact me!


Take Your Business to the Next Level!

Hello Everyone!

This link will take you to the next level with your online business.

Full of fresh, useful content. You can give away e-books, sell them, create new business sites daily, weekly, monthly, as many as you can handle. Find your niche and run with it. Don’t give up!

This will just blow you away! What if you could get your ad in front of millions, no matter what they are looking up! It’s simple! See what is trending now, then copy and paste. That’s it!

Home Business -Start Earning Now!

.Hi All!

Have you ever heard of PLR (Private Label Rights) content?

When I first heard of PLR and what it could actually do for me I researched the market almost immediately, looking for a new angle on how to improve my business, looking for that extra income stream to boost my income.

What did I find? A minefield, a dirty great huge minefield of false promises and hopes, but most of all a huge great load of poor content from substandard websites charging me extortionate prices for very little value.

Until now I have stayed away from these sites and what they offer because of the factors I have just explained. Yeah some people make money from PLR, but I have seen it all before and it’s nothing new to me. Yet another health eBook, another healthier eBook being sold by the masses for as little as $1. Sorry but that is not for me. I like to provide my subscribers, buyers and readers with some excellent content, not content that has been seen a million times over.

This is what leads me to PLR Monthly! When these guys first let me inside the members area I was astonished to see what they were providing.

Soooo much for so little sprang to mind!

These guys have put huge amounts of time and effort into providing their subscribers with nothing but the best top quality, fresh PLR products, sales pages, graphics etc etc etc the list seriously goes on and on…

Not only do they provide you with the best PLR around today, but they provide for you something which I have never seen before. eBay ready PLR! I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this but they provide for you a digital package ready for burning to CD, DVD, flash drive whichever way you would like to deliver your products. They provide for you the sales template image ready so you simply upload to eBay, there is no need for hosting. Also provided for you are all the graphics you will ever need and not just one style but multiple styles to suit you.

Also as an added bonus they also provide you with a full video tutorial series to help you along the way, holding your hand from start to finish helping get you and your business off the ground.

In short this is the best PLR members area I have seen ever and it’s a permanent resident on my list of subscriptions.

So stop what you are doing now and take a look at the amazing value the guys at PLR Monthly are providing!.

Best of Luck:  Mia