Depression and The World

This is my first time writing about this topic, but I find myself beyond being annoyed when certain peole in our lives,even doctors, do not take depression as seriously as it affects your life.  Oh yes, Doctors have studied about depression, but unless they’ve been there themselves, they cannot possibly know what it is like, I don’t care how much education they’ve had.  Depression is certainly not voluntary.  It is not sitting in the corner because your sad about something.  This is not something people want, and it can be very life changing. 

For those suffering with depression, it is nothing at all to be ashamed of.  I wish they would call it something else.  It makes it sound so trivial when it is anything but.  It also does not necessarily mean you were beaten as a child.  ,It is a real medical condition, and at it’s worse, you literally cannot function.  Some say “just fight through it”.   Don’t we wish it were that easy! 


Just spouting off,,,,,,,thanks for your time


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