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One of my first posts, I said I would only share the programs I run into that offer something.  Click below, the information alone is worth it!  It’s FREE of course!!! Best of luck


How to Jump Start Your Business -Grow Your Marketing List

As we all know, if you do not have traffic, how are you going to sell anything if there are no eyes looking at what you have to offer?


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This Site Saved Me! For the Traveler!!!

This Site Saved Me! This is for the Traveler!!


Above all of the other sites! No joke. Just thought I’d pass this on as this helped me plan my trip, and any help these days, yes, it’s for me!! Passing along the great info!

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I was wondering how marketers were doing this:


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Your Online Business -1 Thing that you MUST Have!

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A friend of mine just send me a frantic text.   She joined one of the affiliate programs I suggested.  Its been just under a week of her advertising this site.  No bites. 

Just now, 2:01 am, she is frantic.  She did not want to spend any money with affiliate marketing.  Understandable!  I’m in the same boat, and life is getting more expensive.  To make this short, all of a sudden she exploded with inquiries about her ad.  She is now going to be up all night sending out her information one at a time.  An absolutely risk free way to auto-respond your inquiries, or delivery of newsletters, etc., =



Your online buisiness, one thing that you MUST have!  Really guys, those of you who have been at this longer than I will agree.  People want their purchase, or promises answered NOW!  It took me a while, but I finally got it!

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